A balanced life

Yesterday a good friend cooked me a delicious Italian meal. As I set the table, Paul cooked.  He knew I had just come back from a trip and I was tired. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal. We hadn’t seen each other in months, but I was so thankful for having such a friend. Having the support of family and friends is vital to living a healthy and happy life, yet I haven’t always taken my own advice. I’ve been very busy with my career, exercise, and nutrition that I haven’t nurtured certain relationships that are important to me. Thus, I can sometimes feel incomplete. So what am I doing to nurture my relationships with family and friends? First, I find time to nourish myself so that I am more emotionally, physically and mentally available to family and friends. I do things I love to do such as traveling for pleasure, shopping and dancing. Instead of using Facebook, whenever I have a few minutes I call friends to say hello or to plan a get-together such as cooking dinner or just laying out at the beach. I don’t have to find 30 mins for a phone call, instead just five minutes here and there can make a difference. I make phone calls so that the conversation is at a more personal level.

So take the time to nurture the relationships that will surely help you feel more balanced.



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