A Longer School Day

I just got home from the gym about 15 minutes ago. Now, I’m preparing to cook dinner and clean my apartment. In addition, I have to finish my schedule for my students and review IEPs. I get exhausted just writing about it. I need to get all this done before 10pm so that I can squeeze in 6-7 hours of asleep. Yet, Chicago Public Schools wants to increase the day by 90 minutes. I can only imagine how this new school day will affect the rest of my life, can you?

I exercise for my emotional and physical health. I also like to have a home-cooked meal and a clean apartment. I don’t even have to explain what I do outside of work. Working till 4/4:30pm is going to take a lot of adjusting and it will be very stressful especially at the beginning.

Take the time to share how a longer school day will affect your life.


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